Dr. Mohamed Abo Elela


Dr. Mohamed ABO ELELA has started his career in 1992 and he had the opportunity to work in several architectural firms in Egypt. This period gave him experience in the design and coordination of all architectural and engineering phases, either in Arabic or English. In addition, he has worked for 8 years in the agency AART-Farah International in Paris, which made him also know the French method. During these years, Dr. ABO ELELA has managed to acquire the know-how of French projects in general and hospitals in particular. 

Dr. ABO ELELA has a strong experience in the architectural design of healthcare projects that includes: General hospitals in different capacities (50, 100, 200, 400 and over 600 beds), Oncology centers, Pediatric and Maternity hospitals, Psychiatric hospitals, IVF centers, Radiology centers, Clinics complexes, Health Clubs, etc.


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